Microsoft Xbox


Xbox controller product development

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Stratos services:
> Mechanical Engineering
> Proof-of-concept prototypes
> Managed design and assembly
> ME and ID for international market adaptation
> Electrical Engineering
> Industrial Design
> Software Engineering
> Firmware design for optimal user experience
> Project Management

"Stratos' comprehensive capabilities and expertise in electrical, mechanical, and firmware design helped us develop a controller with an efficient design and realistic features, giving developers and game enthusiasts alike a new world of possibilities."

General Manager, Xbox Hardware, Microsoft

Preceding one of the most anticipated product launches in consumer electronics history, Stratos optimized ergonomics and control placement for ease-of-play in the Xbox controller.

A team of Stratos engineers and designers were initially asked to develop the electrical and firmware designs for the controller and plug-in memory modules. Stratos’ involvement gradually grew and led to design contributions in several areas of the mechanical design including the triggers, analog buttons and motor capture as well as the final mechanical design of the memory unit and its interface to the controller.

Stratos and Microsoft began work on the Xbox project after collaborating on several past projects that included research and development of force-feedback conditions for the Microsoft Sidewinder game controllers. With Xbox, this relationship extended into comprehensive development support including electrical, mechanical and firmware development and industrial design collaboration.