Point-of-Care and In Vitro Diagnostics

Point-of-Care and In Vitro Diagnostics

point-of-care and in vitro diagnostic systems

Liquid and airborne sample collection and preparation
Extended storage, stability
Micro-fluidic control, manifolds and cartridges
Liquid handling, macro to micro
Magnetic separation
PCR cycling and isothermal control
Fluorescence, glucometry, flow cytometry
Quantitative lateral flow
Surface plasmon resonance (SPR)
Patient, user, and sample ID data collection
Calibration and standards
Analysis and reporting of results

Developing point-of-care and in vitro diagnostic systems for global markets.

Stratos brings over 20 years of experience developing point-of-care instruments to our clients' projects. Drawing from our full complement of in-house engineering and design talent we create integrated system solutions that enable operators to reliably run your assays and provide fast diagnostic results to healthcare providers and patients.  Stratos specializes in developing new instrumentation to support advanced assays designed to bring new diagnostic capability to point-of-care environments. We have worked with cartridge suppliers around the world to translate assay chemistries into robust, cost competitive cartridges suitable for use in challenging environments.  Our user interaction and software teams understand how to create interfaces that allow efficient work flow and seamless communications with electronic health records, cloud-based back ends and mobile apps.

Selected Case Studies