Patient Monitoring

Physiological Signal Acquisition and Processing
User Interface Research and Design
Low Power Wireless Communications
Smartphone Interfaces and Mobile Medical Apps
Ultra Low Power Electronics
GSM and other Cellular Technologies
MEMS Sensors for Motion, Orientation, and Position
Location Tracking
Ruggedized Design
Wearable Patches with Integrated Electronics
Rechargeable Battery Systems
Medical Device and Consumer Product Design
Safety Agency and Standards Compliance

Providing monitoring solutions across environments, providers and users.

Today’s monitoring market is dynamic.  Big data, the proliferation of use environments, advanced analytics and the falling cost of acquisition and storage is quickly changing what is possible. Stratos brings deep experience and a full spectrum of development services and technical expertise to our clients in the monitoring market.  We have executed projects targeted at the home, pre-hospital, emergency department, OR, critical care, in-patient wards, ambulatory, office and home settings. Product configurations include fully integrated consumer wearables, bed-side monitors and ruggedized portable devices.  Our engineers fully understand the importance of robust signal acquisition and processing to parameter quality and user centered clinical decision making. Our designers are committed to clear, easy to understand interfaces that are both efficient and intuitive for health care providers and patients to use.

Selected Case Studies