Industrial Design

Form Follows Understanding

At Stratos, you’ll find cutting-edge creativity brought to you by designers who understand what it takes to work alongside engineers to bring innovative products to market efficiently. From human factors to user experience, our expert designers work with clients to bring functional, easy-to-use and thoughtfully designed technology to life.

The Stratos industrial design team’s approach is simple: understand the user’s needs and create meaningful, purpose-driven products that connect users with technology at both the functional and visceral levels. Design at its most basic level is problem solving. We leverage best practices in user-centered design to solve problems and lay a foundation for an informed design solution. Teamwork is also essential to an informed design, and we work closely with our technical team to deliver solutions that meet our customer's business needs and the user's product needs.

Designers have a heightened sense of empathy and an intuitive understanding of human perception and cognition. This intuition and tendency towards big picture thinking compel the designers at Stratos create intuitive and holistic solutions. Designers consider more than just the product – they consider the system and context that the product is part of. The industrial designers and interaction designers at Stratos employ a user-centered design process that focuses on business needs, technology needs and human needs to create the most elegant solution to the problem.

Stratos’ Industrial Design group is led by Michael Nelson, winner of multiple national and international awards and patents and co-founder of Stratos.

Areas of industrial design expertise

  • Industrial design
  • Interaction design
  • Competitive design audits
  • Brand and product line extensions
  • User research (contextual inquiry and usability studies) 
  • Conceptual modeling (personas, scenarios and workflow mapping)
  • Human factors
  • User interface design (controls and display)
  • Interactive prototyping
  • Visual and graphic design

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