Digital Health

Digital Health

digital tools to improve health

Wearable Devices
Bluetooth / BTLE and Custom Wireless Communications
GSM and other Cellular Technologies
MEMS Sensors for Motion, Orientation, and Position
Location Tracking
Body-worn Patches
Ultra-low-power Electronics and Power Management
Consumer-facing Medical Devices
Custom Sensor Development
Diagnostics and Sensors
Market Understanding 


Providing digital tools to improve health, lower healthcare costs and prevent chronic illness

The healthcare landscape is changing. Traditional healthcare costs are rising, and emerging Digital Health technology helps battle that trend by providing valuable healthcare and wellness solutions at consumer prices. Digital Health is the convergence of traditional healthcare technology and consumer electronics, and Stratos has the experience and expertise that make us a leading service provider in this industry. Stratos has the deep knowledge in relevant technologies, including wearable devices, mobile applications, low-power design and ultra-sensitive sensors to solve the most complex challenges for our clients. Stratos also understands the regulatory challenges facing this fledgling industry. Digital Health technology is expanding rapidly and Stratos has been at the forefront for clients in the personal wellness and digital health feedback markets.

Selected Case Studies