Consumer Electronics

Consumer Electronics

Consumer Electronics

Wearable Technology with Integrated Electronics
Gaming Platforms and Controllers
Smartphone Interfaces and Mobile Apps
Audio Video Systems and Components
Projection Systems
Personal and Household Electronics
Photo Imaging and Printing
Desktop and Portable Computing
Mobile Handset Devices
Personal Computing Peripherals
Toys and Entertainment
User Interface Research and Design
Low Power Wireless Communications
Ultra Low Power Electronics
Ruggedized Design
Rechargeable Battery Systems

Enriching the everyday lives of people through products that delight.

Consumer electronics have become essential to most people’s lives. Whether it’s a product to improve wellness or entertain, Stratos brings deep experience and a full spectrum of services and technical expertise to the development project, including a focus on user-centered design. Our product portfolio includes fully integrated consumer wearables, health and beauty products and gaming. The Stratos team understands that consumers demand both great design and advanced feature sets in the products they buy. We know how to integrate sophisticated processing engines, sensors, graphics, audio and haptics into product packages that will surprise and delight customers while understanding the how this translates into manufacturing. We are focused on creating the best user experience while also designing for high volumes. We understand the reality that our clients ultimately need to be able to deliver these products in volume at compelling price points and brand-building performance.  Stratos can make it happen.

Selected Case Studies