The Personalized Medicine Revolution

The WBBA’s recent event titled “Personalized Medicine: The Promise, Our Challenge, Its Future” was held at Seattle Children’s Research Institute and included leaders in the field of next generation therapeutics and diagnostics.

Rebuilding Together Seattle

What an amazing day at this year's Rebuilding Together Seattle! The Stratos team was very proud to be a part of this great project which helped 61 people, including over 30 seniors, 6 veterans, 12 homeowners with severe disabilities, 2 families, and 3 nonprofit group homes serving another 15 residents with intellectual and physical disabilities.

TEDxTacoma - watch it now!

Sean MacLeod at TEDxTacomaIf you missed Stratos President Sean MacLeod's TEDxTacoma talk last month, check it out! It’s time to disrupt healthcare’s status quo.

Wearable Devices Contributing to the Sounders' Success?

Sounders use Fitness TrackersThe popularity of wearable fitness trackers has brought a lot of attention to the bigger questions of adoption and, more importantly, meaningful application of this technology. Here at Stratos we have given the topic significant thought, taking a closer look back in March of last year.

Top 10 Companies Pushing Innovation In Digital Health

WT VOX, the authoritative resource in IoT (Internet of Things) and Wearable Tech landscape, included Proteus Digital Health on its list of Top 10 Companies Pushing Innovation In Digital Health:

Product Designer Spotlight: Nicolas Hostein, Senior Mechanical Engineer

Product Designer Spotlight is a monthly feature on our blog that highlights our talented engineers and designers. The month's spotlight is on Nicolas Hostein from our Mechanical Engineering team. 

As a Senior Mechanical Engineer and Technical Lead at Stratos, Nicolas is responsible for designing complex mechanical parts and systems, testing them for robustness, and making sure projects stay on track and meet clients’ expectations. Learn more about what gets him out of bed in the morning! 


Exciting Advances for Global Health Diagnostics

PanDxSince 2011, Stratos has been engaged in a major global-health initiative to make Bill Gates' vision to quickly, easily, and affordably diagnose diseases a reality. This program is an unprecedented effort to develop affordable, easy-to-use tools that will enable health care workers in developing countries to precisely diagnose infectious disease at the point-of-care. These new tools are needed to enable each patient to receive the right therapy in a timely fashion. 

Wearable Devices, Seattle Poised to Disrupt Healthcare!

Stratos President Sean MacLeod is challenging Seattle – it’s time to disrupt healthcare’s status quo. In his TEDxTacoma talk entitled “Wearable Devices, Seattle Poised to Disrupt Healthcare,” he noted that, while the potential for wearable health devices is really exciting, at this point they’re a failure.

Wearable Technologies Wearing Thin

Can manufacturers keep the wearable market alive? 

Wearables become fashionableStories about how wearable electronics will change our lives appear daily in both industry and mass media. Designers are continually inspired to find solutions for our healthour pets, and even our sexuality.

However, at this point, the only true wearable technology that has seen universal adoption is the smart phone.

Partnerships Crucial to Global Health Diagnostics Deployments

The Washington Biotechnology & Biomedical Association (WBBA) recently assembled an excellent panel to discuss global health diagnostics entitled "From Washington to the World: Developing and Deploying Diagnostics."


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