Alternative to Opioids for Pain Relief?

Stratos designers and engineers are inspired to push boundaries to bring new technologies to life, especially when those new technologies also improve lives. An area of extreme concern to Stratos has been an explosion of opioid addiction in America over the past 10 years. Opioid addiction is not new to mankind and has a cyclic rise and fall associated with ease of access.

Pervasive Tracking in a Connected Age

Privacy and Security in a Connected AgeAs part of its Discovery Series, Washington’s Technology Alliance recently hosted a breakfast featuring a talk by Franziska Roesner, an assistant professor in the Department of Computer Science & Engineering at the University of Washington. During her talk entitled, “The Invisible Trail: Pervasive Tracking in a Connected Age,” Dr. Roesner gave an overview of her research, which is focused on computer security and privacy, including web privacy and smartphone security.

Is your technology ready for product development?

The past decade has brought a renewed interest in product development that reimagines the convergence of hardware and software technologies with the cloud. The ability to miniaturize and integrate sensors into ‘smart’ devices that connect to the cloud has unleashed a wave of product innovation. This revolution has transformed how we use technology, and is not limited to smartphones and wearables, but has found valuable application in medical, life sciences, health, sports, transportation and at home.

Stratos Awarded ISO 13485 Certification

ISO 13485 CertificationWe are proud to announce that we have received ISO 13485:2003 certification, the internationally recognized quality standard for medical devices.

The certification is the result of an extensive assessment performed by BSI Group and it confirms that Stratos’ Quality Management System has been effectively implemented to the requirements of ISO 13485. 

NPR Posts Article About Vaccine Storage Device

Passive Vaccine Storage Device in TransitThe article entitled "How Do You Keep Vaccines Cool? Try Spacecraft Insulation" is a great overview of the need for this type of vaccine storage and the great ways it's being used.

Five Advantages of a Dedicated Design House for your Device Development

Contact Stratos Product DevelopmentAs we meet new clients one of the questions that’s frequently asked is “Why are you better than the design arm of a contract manufacturer, or an ODM (Original Design Manufacturer)?” Other than a few unique situations, our experience shows that it is always better to go with a design firm that does not have an exclusive manufacturing relationship ove

WTIA Releases Stratos Video Profile

WTIA Member Profile Video Featuring Stratos

Check out our member profile video, produced by the WTIA. Get a glimpse into life at Stratos!

Chris Rivera Joins Stratos Group Advisory Board

Chris Rivera, Stratos Group Advisory BoardStratos Group today announced the addition of Chris Rivera to its Board as a Life Science Adviser. Chris brings extensive experience in the life sciences to Stratos, including seven years as the President, and CEO of the Washington Biotechnology & Biomedical Association, where he fostered remarkable growth of the sector in Washington State. Prior to the WBBA, he spent more than 25 years at biotechnology companies, including Hyperion Therapeutics, where he was Founder and CEO, and Genzyme and Tercica, where he was Senior Vice President.

The Moral Imperative of Interoperability

The Moral Imperative of InteroperabilityJoe Smith, MD, chief medical and science officer of the West Health Institute is on a mission. This mission is one he explained to attendees during his keynote at the recent OCTANe Medical Device Investment Forum in Irvine, CA, and it can be summed up in one word: Interoperation.

Innovation's Secret Weapon

Reframe the challenge to discover innovative approachesI recently had the honor to present my thoughts on Innovation and, moreover, how to make the word “Innovation” less scary in your everyday life. WE15, the annual conference of the Society of Women Engineers, welcomed over 8,000 individuals to Nashville, TN. About 50 of them joined me for a discussion of “Innovation’s Secret Weapon: The System Approach.”


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