Science, Technology and the Transformation of Healthcare

Science, Technology and the Transformation of Healthcare

Leroy Hood Speaking at LSINW 2016Stratos was a proud sponsor of this year's Life Science Innovation Northwest, a conference that brought together over 800 attendees from public and private companies to learn about opportunities for partnerships in the life science sector. 

Being immersed with the life science community for a couple of days was not only educational, it was exciting to hear about the progress that our life science leaders are making in improving diagnostics, therapies and technologies to make the world a better place.

The conference opened with a keynote address from Dr. Leroy Hood. He shared his vision of “scientific wellness” and his efforts to use cutting edge science and technology to demystify disease and make wellness a lifetime journey for everyone.

In addition, the first day of the conference included the inaugural induction of true pioneers into the Washington Life Science Hall of Fame, which was really inspiring. The day closed with the “Digital Health Fast Pitch Showdown” where ten entrepreneurs in the digital health space were given the chance to give their best “elevator pitch” to a panel of distinguished venture capitalists and leaders in the industry in the hopes of winning $5,000. 

The day was an inspiring combination of acknowledging past achievements and contributions and learning about the continued work this community is doing to create better tools for better health.

Day two opened with a panel titled, “Rapid, Remote and Point-of-Care Trends in Diagnostics.” The panelists discussed an array of topics, including the importance of accuracy – getting the correct diagnosis on the first visit. This theme was prevalent in many of the panels and presentation. Focus on delivering the right care for the individual.  

In addition to this panel, the second day of the conference honored exceptional women in life sciences and included other panels on a variety of topics:  new models for early-stage ventures, ways technology can address global health challenges, and the path to commercialization for CAR-T cancer therapy.

The panel discussing immunotherapy crystallized why we attended this conference: Seattle is an amazing place to be for those advancing life sciences. With strong academic centers, a commercial focus on biotechnology and a collaborative approach, this community has a unique opportunity to change healthcare delivery for the better and, hopefully, cure cancer.

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