Product Designer Spotlight: Dustin Lane, Software Engineer

Product Designer Spotlight: Dustin Lane, Software Engineer

Product Designer Spotlight is a feature on our blog that highlights our talented team members. This spotlight is on Dustin Lane from our Software Engineering team. 

Dustin Lane, Stratos Software Engineer

Dustin has over six years of experience developing embedded software for systems in the medical industry. He has specialized in developing low-power embedded systems using 16-bit and 32-bit processors (MSP430, ARM, PSoC) with an emphasis on Bluetooth connectivity. He has expertise in communication protocols, bare-metal development, and real-time operating systems using C/C++.

What gets you out of bed to come to work every day?

Creation. I love participating in the design and development of new things. Everything from conceptual designs all the way to physical components, being a part of the process that brings multiple disciplines together to create something new is always exciting to me. Being in an environment like this that uses its creative prowess to take on new challenges and produce devices that improve the quality of life for others is a rare treat and one that I am thankful to be a part of.

Describe your biggest “win” on a project. 

I’ve spent a number of years as a design engineer in the prosthetics and orthotics industry where I had my first experiences with bringing a device from conception to seeing it used by people in their everyday life. In particular, I remember working with one patient who had persevered through various early prototypes of a prosthetic ankle we were developing before finally testing a more mature version. After completing a trial period with that latest version his response was that it had enabled him to do things that he hadn’t done since before needing a prosthesis. There are few things as rewarding as seeing a device that you have poured so many hours into actually improve the life of another individual.

What’s your favorite thing to do when you’re not at work?

I can’t say that I have a favorite as I dabble in many different things. I do love music and dance and I met my wife doing those very two things. I also love reading and being outside, often both at the same time.

Little-known fact about you that would surprise people?

My wife and I play a lot of old-time folk music together and we’ve even been known to contra dance from time to time. 


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