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Customer Favorite: Three Product Development Truths from a Tesla Road Trip

As a new series on the Stratos blog we will be revisiting our customer's favorite blogs from the past. The series will feature one blog a month and this month we start out with lessons learned on a Tesla road trip that was originally posted in January of 2015.

This fall, my husband purchased his dream car, a Tesla Model S. He decided that we needed to take it on a road trip to visit my family for the holidays – which meant driving the Tesla from Seattle to Orange County – a one-way trip of 1,200 miles in a car that only has an optimistic range of 260 miles. Along the way, I discovered some parallels between the road trip and good product development practices.

Connect with Stratos at the Executive MindXchange Conference in San Diego, CA

Stratos is excited to be exhibiting and speaking at this year's Innovating for Value in Healthcare 22nd Annual Medical Technologies: A Frost & Sullivan Executive MindXchange Conference in San Diego, CA on March 20 to 21. This conference brings together the community of medical device, clinical diagnostics, medical imaging and connected health industries for a two-day exchange of thoughts and ideas. There are a few ways to connect with the Stratos Product Development team while there.

Stratos Spotlight: National Inventor's Day Edition with John Havard, VP of Engineering

Great inventions have revolutionized our lives. Whether life-saving devices or products that have simply made our lives easier, behind every invention is an inventor with a great idea and the courage to make their dream a reality.

John Havard

In recognition of National Inventor’s Day this past weekend, we took a moment to honor the creativity and tenacity of inventors by talking with Stratos Vice President of Engineering, John Havard, about inventing and his favorite inventor. 

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