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How to Save Your Company Money Importing Merchandise

We are excited to participate in sharing knowledge with our recently featured Medical Devices blog post:

Import duties and fees killing your budget? Don’t let the daunting complexity of importing get you down!

Fly by the seat of your pants..and you may have a crash landing.

Approach to Project ManagementIt’s no surprise I’ve chosen Project Management as my profession. Planning has always been part of my daily life, and it is a vital part of any successful product development effort. The importance of effective planning has always been clear to me.

Three More Product Development Lessons from a Tesla Road Trip

As I wrote last time, over the Holiday break my family took a road trip from Seattle, WA to Orange County, CA in our Tesla Model S Sedan. Needless to say, a new-ish car with a new-ish charging network that could get us the 1200 miles to our destination was an unforgettable experience. However, it was also an experience that led me to think about some Product Development truths that are sometimes forgotten. Read about three more that I learned.

Ready. Fire. Aim. (Or failure is an option, and 4 steps to get there)

product development  project managementWhen was the last time you received a heartfelt “thank you!” or “well done!” for a failed attempt, design, or poor test result? For most of us this rarely happens, but we can and should adjust our attitudes toward failure on projects.

A Project Manager’s New Year’s Resolution

by Sonja Takatori, Stratos Project Manager

Top Strategies for Simplifying Complicated Development Projects

Developing a medical device can often be time consuming and complicated, especially if your team is growing. One common hang up many medical device development companies experience is a breakdown in communication within medium- and large-sized organizations, especially when they grow or change staff members. By following these top strategies for simplifying complicated development projects, your organization will run much more smoothly as you develop your medical device.

5 Tips For Managing A Multi-Consultant Environment

By Malinda Elien

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