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One-stop Shop – Right Choice For Your High-Tech Product Design?

You got funding and were tasked with getting your company’s medical product designed and to market. You’re excited, this is a big opportunity for you. You head up the effort of shopping around, looking at both independent design houses and contract manufacturers with design capabilities. You think to yourself “wouldn’t a one-stop shop be a better, lower risk option?” After getting some quotes and comparing costs you find that the CM/design houses are a cheaper solution, so you pat yourself on the back and make the decision.


Customer Favorite: Three Product Development Truths from a Tesla Road Trip

As a new series on the Stratos blog we will be revisiting our customer's favorite blogs from the past. The series will feature one blog a month and this month we start out with lessons learned on a Tesla road trip that was originally posted in January of 2015.

This fall, my husband purchased his dream car, a Tesla Model S. He decided that we needed to take it on a road trip to visit my family for the holidays – which meant driving the Tesla from Seattle to Orange County – a one-way trip of 1,200 miles in a car that only has an optimistic range of 260 miles. Along the way, I discovered some parallels between the road trip and good product development practices.

How to Save Your Company Money Importing Merchandise

We are excited to participate in sharing knowledge with our recently featured Medical Devices blog post:

Import duties and fees killing your budget? Don’t let the daunting complexity of importing get you down!

Five Best Practices for Avoiding Pitfalls in Cloud-Connected Medical Device Systems

This way to success sign

In December I had the opportunity to present at the 2016 BIOMEDevice conference as part of the Embedded Systems Conference (ESC) in San Jose. Because of my experience with medical devices and cloud-based software development and many years as a systems and embedded software engineer, the topic chosen was how to address common errors in Cloud-connected medical device systems development.


Why Does ISO 13485 Certification Matter?

In today’s medical device industry, it is becoming essential to select product development partners that have ISO 13485 certification. In fact, more and more medical device manufacturers are requiring their suppliers to be ISO 13485 certified.

Assessing Risk – Look Before You Leap

Assessing Risk Through Product DevelopmentIt is hard to avoid uncertainty in product development. Those that are seasoned in bringing products to market know that risk is an inevitable part of the development process. Project risks are lurking around every corner during product development. But don’t let that scare you.

Thinking of outsourcing? A few key questions may help you identify the right partner.

Choosing the Right Product Development PartnerFor medical device developers outsourcing can be an effective solution to increase innovation, reduce risk and get to market quicker. Choosing the right development partner can be tricky when many make the same claims and seem to be equally qualified.

Register for This Upcoming Webinar

Stratos WebinarStratos Business Development Director, Jason Machacek will share some product development tips in the upcoming webinar "Five Mistakes That Can Derail Your Product Development Effort." 

Technology Development or Product Development?

Do You Know Which One You’re Working On?

Technology Development vs. Product DevelopmentI was recently listening to a discussion about the difference between technology development and product development and why it’s so important to clearly understand. Lots of people fail to recognize the distinction and it costs them a lot of R&D dollars. Here’s one simple way to think about it.

Three Primary Causes of Scope Creep

Three Causes of Scope CreepIn a recent work session the question of how to control scope creep in product development came up. It was an interesting discussion and I was struck by how the causes could be described in a pretty simple way. That’s not to say controlling scope creep is simple, but knowing the source may be a place to start. Here are three to be aware of:


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