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One-stop Shop – Right Choice For Your High-Tech Product Design?

You got funding and were tasked with getting your company’s medical product designed and to market. You’re excited, this is a big opportunity for you. You head up the effort of shopping around, looking at both independent design houses and contract manufacturers with design capabilities. You think to yourself “wouldn’t a one-stop shop be a better, lower risk option?” After getting some quotes and comparing costs you find that the CM/design houses are a cheaper solution, so you pat yourself on the back and make the decision.


Stratos Spotlight: National Inventor's Day Edition with John Havard, VP of Engineering

Great inventions have revolutionized our lives. Whether life-saving devices or products that have simply made our lives easier, behind every invention is an inventor with a great idea and the courage to make their dream a reality.

John Havard

In recognition of National Inventor’s Day this past weekend, we took a moment to honor the creativity and tenacity of inventors by talking with Stratos Vice President of Engineering, John Havard, about inventing and his favorite inventor. 


Ready. Fire. Aim. (Or failure is an option, and 4 steps to get there)

product development  project managementWhen was the last time you received a heartfelt “thank you!” or “well done!” for a failed attempt, design, or poor test result? For most of us this rarely happens, but we can and should adjust our attitudes toward failure on projects.

Why Now is the Right Time for RFID

RFID Product DevelopmentStratos is pleased to bring you exclusive, on-going content by Heather Thompson, former editor in chief of MD+DI magazine.  With 10 years of experience covering medical technologies and FDA regulations, Heather specializes in delivering the latest trends and news in the medical device industry.

by Heather Thompson, freelance writer

From Medical Device Concept to Completion in Just 4 Steps

If you’ve ever tried to develop and market a medical device, you know that the development process is lengthy and time consuming. Most medical device manufacturers will waste valuable time and money by not knowing the flow of the full device development process, and a simple mistake can be costly.

MDDI Device Talk: From Idea to Product Development in Four Steps

Check out the latest MDDI Device Talk blog post from Stratos Project Manager, Malinda Elien.

So you have a great idea for a new product based on your proprietary technology and you think it will be the best thing since sliced bread—but are you really ready to start product development?

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