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New Perspectives on Global Point-of-Care Diagnostic Needs

Global Point-of-Care Diagnostic ToolsIn a recent symposium at AACC in Atlanta entitled “The Convergence of Global Point-of-Care Diagnostic Needs,” some interesting ideas and experiences were presented by a diverse panel of experts. As diagnostic testing is moving closer to the patient in developing countries in order to facilitate treatment decisions during the clinical visit and new settings for POCT at decentralized locations such as retail pharmacies within the developed world are emerging, new opportunities and business models can be identified.

Connect with Stratos at AACC

If you are going to be at the American Association for Clinical Chemistry's Annual Meeting July 26-30th - let us know! There are a few ways to find us, including the Expo Hall and two sessions - details below. If would like to arrange a time to meet, just let us know and we'll work with your schedule.  

  • Exhibit Hall - Booth 3945

  • OEM Lecture Series - Tuesday, July 28th at 10:00AM (Exhibit Hall Theater 2)

  • Symposium 34212 Convergence of Global Point-of-Care Diagnostic Needs - Wednesday, July 29th at 2:30PM 

Point-of-Care Diagnostics on the Verge of Massive Growth?

Interested in learning about the evolution of Point-of-Care molecular diagnostics? This article provides a very good overview of an area that is attracting both public and private funding and also points out the substantial growth anticipated for this market. Some of the key market drivers include:

Exciting Advances for Global Health Diagnostics

PanDxSince 2011, Stratos has been engaged in a major global-health initiative to make Bill Gates' vision to quickly, easily, and affordably diagnose diseases a reality. This program is an unprecedented effort to develop affordable, easy-to-use tools that will enable health care workers in developing countries to precisely diagnose infectious disease at the point-of-care. These new tools are needed to enable each patient to receive the right therapy in a timely fashion. 

Partnerships Crucial to Global Health Diagnostics Deployments

The Washington Biotechnology & Biomedical Association (WBBA) recently assembled an excellent panel to discuss global health diagnostics entitled "From Washington to the World: Developing and Deploying Diagnostics."

From Washington to the World: Developing and Deploying Diagnostics

Don't miss the WBBA's upcoming event From Washington to the World: Developing and Deploying Diagnostics. Stratos' Director of Point-of-Care Diagnostics, Wallace White, will be a panelist along with other leading innovators in global health diagnostics.

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