Could Outsourcing Be the Answer to Your Innovation Woes?

Product innovation within a well-established product design company can be challenging. Corporate politics, burdensome development processes, and competing priorities can suppress engineering creativity and limit the acceptance of new ideas. Corporations that are more successful at innovation tend to be smaller companies where bureaucracy and competing priorities don’t create road-blocks to creativity and invention. One option for corporations that are struggling to gain a leading edge in product design and engineering is to outsource innovation to a product development consulting firm.

Stratos Receives Top Honors from Seattle Business Magazine

Changing Role of the Pharmacist

Expanding the role of the pharmacistNews reports of the continuing rise of healthcare spending (by 2024, health spending will be nearly a fifth of the economy) and predictions on future costs due

Thinking About Improving the Healthcare System? Bring Some Humility.

The Washington Biotechnology & Biomedical Association recently hosted an event titled “Succeeding in Today's Medical Device Environment” to discuss the medical device sector in Washington state and the challenges it faces. The topics included the federal medical device tax, the lapsing R&D tax credits in the state, and the Affordable Care Act.

Success Story in Global Health

Stratos is proud to be a part of an unprecedented global effort to deliver timely and effective treatments of illnesses in underserved regions, improve health and save lives. We worked with the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation to develop affordable, easy-to-use diagnostic tools to rapidly diagnose diseases. We also collaborated on the development of Intellectual Ventures’ Passive Vaccine Storage Device, which is designed to keep vaccines at the appropriate temperatures for a month or more with repeated vaccine retrievals and no need for electricity.
It’s exciting to see this report via @BillGates in The Atlantic on good news regarding polio eradication from Nigeria: "Since 2012, when the World Health Organization declared the crippling infectious disease a “global-health emergency,” the West African country (the last center of polio on the continent) has overhauled its strategies for combating the scourge. Now, through rigorous vaccination campaigns, Nigeria is on the verge of eliminating the virus and making Africa polio-free, the CDC reported Thursday."

3 Outlandish Technologies of the Future

crazy product ideas

Blockbuster or Bust: Tracking Juno Therapeutics’ Cancer Therapy

Stratos is pleased to bring you exclusive, on-going content by Heather Thompson, former editor in chief of MD+DI magazine.  With 10 years of experience covering medical technologies and FDA regulations, Heather specializes in delivering the latest trends and news in the medical device industry.

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