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Next Disruptive Technology: Fabric of Things

Smart Sneakers to Track Running Stats?I was first made aware of the use of smart textiles (e-textiles) or the technology of smart fabrics at a Life Science Washington (formerly WBBA) event in December of 2015.

Making Licensed Technology Work

Contact StratosWhen looking to develop a cutting-edge product, you are bound to encounter new, unproven technologies with the potential to turn your product into a serious revenue source. Incorporating these new technologies is a risky venture, but with thorough analysis and diligence you can mitigate these risks on your way to a successful product launch.

Accelerating the Adoption of a Scalable Clean Energy Future

Harness Solar Power with New TechnologyThe Technology Alliance recently hosted a talk entitled, “Sustainable Growth in Solar Power? New Materials Discovery and our Energy Future.” During the talk David Ginger, the Associate Director of the Clean Energy Institute, spoke about the primary challenges and exciting opportunities for renewable energy and, in particular, for solar power.

Entrepreneurs Find Opportunity in the Post-ACA Landscape

Telemedicine Improving the Patient ExperienceLife Science Washington (formerly the WBBA) recently hosted an event called “Navigating the Affordable Care Act.” The event brought together a diverse group of experts and business owners to discuss challenges and opportunities that have arisen as a result of the ACA. The shift in the healthcare market is significant and has generated new and interesting business ideas.

Will Seattle Lead the Way for Virtual Reality?

Seattle Innovators Focused on Virtual RealityFor someone who has had very little contact with the Virtual Reality (VR) world, the Technology Alliance’s recent event, “Realizing the Potential of Virtual Reality,” left my head spinning in more ways than one.

Pervasive Tracking in a Connected Age

Privacy and Security in a Connected AgeAs part of its Discovery Series, Washington’s Technology Alliance recently hosted a breakfast featuring a talk by Franziska Roesner, an assistant professor in the Department of Computer Science & Engineering at the University of Washington. During her talk entitled, “The Invisible Trail: Pervasive Tracking in a Connected Age,” Dr. Roesner gave an overview of her research, which is focused on computer security and privacy, including web privacy and smartphone security.

Digital Health's Rapidly Changing Landscape - Observations from CES

CES 2015Attending CES is an exercise in sensory overload, but it’s also a fantastic place to take the pulse of the rapidly changing landscape of Digital Health. We saw some great innovations this year and we saw some tepid trends as well. Here’s our roundup of the Digital Health Expo show floor:

Success Story in Global Health

Stratos is proud to be a part of an unprecedented global effort to deliver timely and effective treatments of illnesses in underserved regions, improve health and save lives. We worked with the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation to develop affordable, easy-to-use diagnostic tools to rapidly diagnose diseases. We also collaborated on the development of Intellectual Ventures’ Passive Vaccine Storage Device, which is designed to keep vaccines at the appropriate temperatures for a month or more with repeated vaccine retrievals and no need for electricity.
It’s exciting to see this report via @BillGates in The Atlantic on good news regarding polio eradication from Nigeria: "Since 2012, when the World Health Organization declared the crippling infectious disease a “global-health emergency,” the West African country (the last center of polio on the continent) has overhauled its strategies for combating the scourge. Now, through rigorous vaccination campaigns, Nigeria is on the verge of eliminating the virus and making Africa polio-free, the CDC reported Thursday."

The Market Dynamics of Molecular Diagnostics

Stratos is pleased to bring you exclusive, on-going content by Heather Thompson, former editor in chief of MD+DI magazine.

Lifesaving Technologies For the Next Billion

Stratos is pleased to bring you exclusive, on-going content by Heather Thompson, former editor in chief of MD+DI magazine.


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