Product Designer Spotlight: Kim Langland, Software Engineer

Product Designer Spotlight is a monthly feature on our blog that highlights our talented team members. The month's spotlight is on Kim Langland from our Software Engineering team. 

Interesting Progress for Mobile Medical Apps

Here at Stratos we’ve thought a lot about how to make digital health products and wearable devices more meaningful. While it's good to know how many steps I took and how many calories I ate today, it would be even better to get some direction on what to do with the data.

Changing Role of the Pharmacist

News reports of the continuing rise of healthcare spending (by 2024, health spending will be nearly a fifth of the economy) and predictions on future costs due to chronic illness (more than ha

Medical Apps and the Search for Requirements

Three concerns that might jump out when companies start talking about developing medical apps: who the target user might be (physicians, patients, or consumers), the regulatory strategy (which might be no regulation at all, the strictest Class I, or somewhere in between), and how useful or useless they are (which is really the only thing that matters to anyone).

American Association for Clinical Chemistry's Annual Meeting

The American Association for Clinical Chemistry's Annual Meeting was recently held in Atlanta and was attended by 18,000 laboratory scientists from 110 countries across the gamut of clinical laboratory medicine. This meeting included more than 400 educational sessions covering subjects from personalized medicine and infectious diseases to point of care and laboratory-developed tests.

Product Designer Spotlight: Lisa Schmalhurst, Project Manager

Product Designer Spotlight is a monthly feature on our blog that highlights our talented team members. The month's spotlight is on Lisa Schmalhurst from our Project Management team.

As a Project Manager for some of our most complex efforts, her days are unpredictable and her troubleshooting skills often come in handy. Read more about what gets her out of bed in the morning!



New Perspectives on Global Point-of-Care Diagnostic Needs

In a recent symposium at AACC in Atlanta entitled “The Convergence of Global Point-of-Care Diagnostic Needs,” some interesting ideas and experiences were presented by a diverse panel of experts. As diagnostic testing is moving closer to the patient in developing countries in order to facilitate treatment decisions during the clinical visit and new settings for POCT at decentralized locations such as retail pharmacies within the developed world are emerging, new opportunities and business models can be identified.

Fly by the seat of your pants..and you may have a crash landing.

It’s no surprise I’ve chosen Project Management as my profession. Planning has always been part of my daily life, and it is a vital part of any successful product development effort. The importance of effective planning has always been clear to me.

Connect with Stratos at AACC

If you are going to be at the American Association for Clinical Chemistry's Annual Meeting July 26-30th - let us know! There are a few ways to find us, including the Expo Hall and two sessions - details below. If would like to arrange a time to meet, just let us know and we'll work with your schedule.  

  • Exhibit Hall - Booth 3945

  • OEM Lecture Series - Tuesday, July 28th at 10:00AM (Exhibit Hall Theater 2)

  • Symposium 34212 Convergence of Global Point-of-Care Diagnostic Needs - Wednesday, July 29th at 2:30PM 

Point-of-Care Diagnostics on the Verge of Massive Growth?

Interested in learning about the evolution of Point-of-Care molecular diagnostics? This article provides a very good overview of an area that is attracting both public and private funding and also points out the substantial growth anticipated for this market. Some of the key market drivers include:


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