Partnerships Crucial to Global Health Diagnostics

The Washington Biotechnology & Biomedical Association (WBBA) recently assembled an excellent panel to discuss global health diagnostics entitled "From Washington to the World: Developing and Deploying Diagnostics."

A Prototype is Worth a Million Words

Medical Design TechnologyMedical Design Technology recently asked industry experts about the importance of physical prototypes for medical device design. Its conclusion was that simulation software is a powerful tool for the design of these devices, but it is no replacement for prototypes.

From Washington to the World: Developing and Deploying Diagnostics

Don't miss the WBBA's upcoming event From Washington to the World: Developing and Deploying Diagnostics. Stratos' Director of Point-of-Care Diagnostics, Wallace White, will be a panelist along with other leading innovators in global health diagnostics.

Cancer Immunotherapy – Is the Cure Inside of You?

As a part of Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center's Science for Life presentations, Dr. Stan Riddell recently gave talk entitled "Cancer Immunotherapy – Is the Cure Inside of You?" 

Stratos President to Speak at TEDx Tacoma

Join Stratos President Sean MacLeod at TEDx Tacoma on March 21st. He will be talking about our collective participation in healthcare and the personalized wellness needs that innovation will have to address in the future.

Product Designer Update: Adam Storey, Bioprocess Engineering

A lot has changed for Adam Storey since we heard from him a couple of years ago, so I wanted to check in and learn about what he's working on these days.

What’s new since last we heard from you two years ago?

Usability Engineering's Impact on Medical Device Development

If you are interested in learning how Human Factors / Usability Engineering is changing the landscape for medical device development, this report from BSI is a must read. It outlines the basic activities in the HF/UE process, how it aligns with the overall device risk management process, and the biggest challenges for device manufacturers.

Fail Smart with Rapid Prototyping

“Fail Early!” “Fail Fast!” “Fail Cheap!” These are the latest, fashionable mantras of the business world, but in the design world these mantras simply restate the long held tradition of the iterative design process. Designers of all types have been “failing fast” since the dawn of man, from the first failed spear to the latest smart phone app. Designers know that a key part of product development is iteratively developing prototypes and testing them out - in other words “failing” throughout the design process.

Thinking About Improving the Healthcare System? Bring Some Humility.

The Washington Biotechnology & Biomedical Association recently hosted an event titled “Succeeding in Today's Medical Device Environment” to discuss the medical device sector in Washington state and the challenges it faces. The topics included the federal medical device tax, the lapsing R&D tax credits in the state, and the Affordable Care Act.

Exciting Advances for 3D Printing and Personalized Surgery

I recently attended MD&M West, which bills itself as “America’s Largest Medtech Event.”  It includes an enormous exhibition and extensive educational opportnities, so as a mechanical engineer at an innovative product development company, I decided to focus my attention on emerging trends.


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