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Innovative Product Development, On Demand

Stratos gives technology-driven companies the power to expeditiously maximize on market opportunities by empowering them with an expert, innovative product development team, at their fingertips. Stratos’ services are specifically designed to bring meaningful products to market. Our services go beyond simply delivering a design. We collaboratively engage all levels of an organization to ensure optimal product development each step of the way – from determining the viability of an idea to optimizing the performance of technology to developing a product that meets business and user needs for ultimate success in the marketplace.

At Stratos, we are inspired to push boundaries to bring new technologies to life. Contact us to put the power of Stratos to work on your next development effort.


Product Development Services

Stratos provides all of the professional product development services necessary to bring hi-tech products from concept to manufacturing launch.

  • Technology and Customer Research
  • Product Planning and Program Management
  • Usability Engineering & Interaction Design
  • Proof-of-Concept Development
  • Engineering, Prototyping, Testing and Design Verification
  • Manufacturing Strategy and Production Sourcing
  • Process Validation
  • System and Design Level Specification Development
  • Product Safety Risk Management Strategy
  • FDA Design Controls Quality System Gap Analysis & Consult
  • AAMI/ISO 13485 Quality System Gap Analysis & Consult


Technical Expertise and Creativity

Stratos has decades of in-depth experience implementing, commercializing, and developing innovative solutions for a broad range of leading-edge technologies.

  • Product Strategy
  • Medical Device Development
  • Embedded Software
  • Hi-Speed Digital Hardware
  • Analog Hardware
  • Wireless Communications
  • Ultra-Low Power Systems
  • Electronics Packaging
  • Ruggedized Hardware and Enclosures
  • Mechanism & Control Systems
  • Quality/Regulatory Engineering
  • Systems Engineering
  • Display Technologies
  • Illumination/Detection/Optical Systems
  • Audio and Acoustic Design
  • AAMI/UL/IEC 60601 Compliance
  • AAMI/IEC 62304 Compliance
  • AAMI/EN/ISO 14971 Compliance
  • FDA 21CFR Part 820 Compliance


Professional Dedicated Staff

Stratos is dedicated to attracting and retaining the best talent in the business. Our staff has an average of 15 years of product development experience and 10 years of tenure.

  • Product Strategy & Applied Research
  • Project Management
  • Industrial Design
  • User Interaction Design
  • Mechanical Engineering
  • Electrical Engineering
  • Manufacturing Engineering
  • Software Engineering
  • Biomedical Engineering
  • Optical Engineering
  • Quality/Regulatory Engineering
  • Systems Engineering


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