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An Expert, Innovative Product Development Team at Your Fingertips.

Stratos designers and engineers work with our clients to turn a product idea into a product design that is commercially viable. We are different from many other product design and development firms in that we go beyond simply providing design concepts – we work diligently throughout the entire product development process to ensure that we deliver designs that will actually be successful once they’re in the marketplace.

We partner with clients worldwide, from start-up companies to Fortune 500 corporations, to bring meaningful, functional, easy-to-use and thoughtfully designed technology to life. Our tenured, highly-skilled product development experts address every stage of development, including:

Initial Research – Stratos scientists and engineers investigate how to make an idea a technological reality.

Viability – Through user research, we help determine market-fit for the technology and if/how it fulfills an unmet need.

Design – With research findings and market information, our industrial designers create a device design and user interface that ensures utility and positive user experience.

Architecture – Our hardware and embedded software engineers work together to create a device that functions seamlessly.

Manufacturability – Our manufacturing engineering team is involved from the beginning to ensure that the product design that can be manufactured efficiently and reliably.

Quality – Stratos offers a rigorous quality system (essential for medical device development). Our quality engineers work throughout the development process to ensure that products meet regulatory standards.

Our experience has shaped Stratos’s core business philosophy of Creativity, Adaptability, Responsiveness, and Excellence (CARE).

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