An Expert, Innovative Product Development
Team at Your Fingertips.


An Expert, Innovative Product Development Team at Your Fingertips.

A cohesive, brilliant team of innovative product developers can’t be built overnight. A product development effort requires significant resources, and assembling an experienced, cross-functional team can take years. Market demands have a narrow window of opportunity – immediate action on an idea is critical to maximize success in the marketplace. 

Stratos brings advanced skill and knowledge garnered from years of development efforts for many clients and technologies. We understand that every organization has its own innovation ecosystem and particular area of expertise. When a critical element of development lies outside of this, it can be a challenge to respond as quickly as the market demands. Expert industrial designers, software developers, electrical, mechanical and quality engineers and professional project managers are here to support your next product development challenge. Our consultative, systems-based approach to product development and robust project management process have been the key to our clients’ success. We partner with clients worldwide, from start-up companies to Fortune 500 corporations. Our experience has shaped Stratos’s core business philosophy of Creativity, Adaptability, Responsiveness, and Excellence (CARE).

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